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Apple: Vista may corrupt iPods

I found this news on PTPTN website.Check this out

Apple is warning customers who use the Windows version of its iTunes software to hold off upgrading to Windows Vista until it can release a patch to fix a number of serious compatibility issues, one of which could result in a corrupt iPod player.

Apple, in a statement posted Thursday on its Web support forum, says upgrading from Windows 2000 or Windows XP to Vista may result in the inability to play songs purchased and downloaded to the desktop iTunes player from its online iTunes store.

Worse, however, is the problem that iPod users could encounter if they try to eject their digital music player from a desktop port using the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature found on the Vista system tray. That, Apple warns advertisement

ominously, “may corrupt your iPod.” advertisement

Apple says the safe way to undock an iPod from a Vista-equipped PC, until a patch is released, is to be sure and use the “Eject iPod” control in the iTunes software.

Apple says the problems will be fixed when it releases the next version of iTunes “within a few weeks.”

Until then, PC-using iPod customers could experience a number of other problems if they’re running Vista, including contacts and calendars that won’t synch with their iPods and problems making changes to iPod settings.

In the meantime, some users report that they can get downloaded iTunes songs to play on Vista if they right-click on the iTunes.exe program, select Properties, click on the Compatibility tab, and check “Run This Program As An Administrator.”

Maybe it’s better to just wait for the update.

Details copied from IT News AU

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Skyline R34 Z-Tune

I know bout this real late!!This R34 Z-Tune is the best model of R34.This car is made out from the the used model of R34.This is the spec I do know bout this car

BNR34 body
V Spec II Engine
2 Type – Z1 & Z2
2.8 Litre engine using RB26DETT
Engine Type – Water-cooling inline 6 cylinder DOHC
Twin Turbo by IHI Japan
Using ATESSA ET-S pro
Active LSD (3.545)
ETC Control Unit
ECM engine control
Up to 600hp
Power bhp (kW) at RPM – 500(368) / 6800
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM – 399(540) / 5200

– Damp Force 3 way adjusment type
– Ride-Height Adjustable
– SACHS Suspension in 782 lb/in springs

Mounting with S tires
Using RAYS Rim LM GT4 GT500 Model Black Color 18 x 9.5J

Cylinder Block
– GT Engine Block
– Forged Piston (Z-tune exclusive)
– GT Crank Shaft (Forged + Fillet Roll Machining, can rev up to 8000 rpm)
– GT Connecting Rod spec 2 ( I Shaped, SNCM Material, 4.8-inch long )
– Oil Pan Baffle Plate

– 2 piece front brake 14.3-inch rotor ( 0365 mm & Monoblock Caliper 6-piston system )
– 1 piece rear brake 13.9-inch rotor ( 0365 mm joint with Forged 4-piston Caliper)
– ABS tuned system
– Vented disc (front & rear)
– Developed by KIRYU

Weight – 1600kg
4wd car
The best GT500 car
And last, it only have 20 models worldwide!!
For more great info:
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My first Sushi

Today is my first day off.After I wake up from my sleep,I’m going to Giant Hypermarket in Senawang to buy the ingredients.Its just a Japanese rice(which is call calrose rice here), a pack of seaweed, a bottle of rice vinegar and a bottle of light soy sauce. I’m kinda upset because I couldn’t find any ‘wasabi’ in Giant. It only cost about RM 20. Japanese rice is kinda expensive, its RM6 per kg. If its a normal rice,it costs bout RM20 for 10kg.
I started to make this sushi at 5pm. Preparing sushi ingredients is not to hard.
We only need a ‘Tezu’ and its vinegar to spread all over the rice.Boiling the rice is same as the common rice we cook.After all the rice cooked, I’m started to do all the things.I thought it was easy,but it comes the hard to roll over the first sushi without a bamboo mat(Making the ‘Maki’ sushi)!!The first problem here is the mat,and the second thing is the knives!!I dun have any ‘sashimi’ knives,just use the common knive that I had in my kitchen.Damn,it starts to have the ugly look!!That was the first time and I agree with this mistake.Then I tend to make the ‘Nigiri’ sushi where we used only hands to fold the seaweed over it.
This idea was really great for me which I dun have the bamboo mat and those ‘sashimi’ knive.I start to love doing this ‘nigiri’ sushi till all the rice are all out.Hehehe..It was interesting and this is my first sushi home made.Looks ugly..Huhuhu..

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