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My first Sushi

Today is my first day off.After I wake up from my sleep,I’m going to Giant Hypermarket in Senawang to buy the ingredients.Its just a Japanese rice(which is call calrose rice here), a pack of seaweed, a bottle of rice vinegar and a bottle of light soy sauce. I’m kinda upset because I couldn’t find any ‘wasabi’ in Giant. It only cost about RM 20. Japanese rice is kinda expensive, its RM6 per kg. If its a normal rice,it costs bout RM20 for 10kg.
I started to make this sushi at 5pm. Preparing sushi ingredients is not to hard.
We only need a ‘Tezu’ and its vinegar to spread all over the rice.Boiling the rice is same as the common rice we cook.After all the rice cooked, I’m started to do all the things.I thought it was easy,but it comes the hard to roll over the first sushi without a bamboo mat(Making the ‘Maki’ sushi)!!The first problem here is the mat,and the second thing is the knives!!I dun have any ‘sashimi’ knives,just use the common knive that I had in my kitchen.Damn,it starts to have the ugly look!!That was the first time and I agree with this mistake.Then I tend to make the ‘Nigiri’ sushi where we used only hands to fold the seaweed over it.
This idea was really great for me which I dun have the bamboo mat and those ‘sashimi’ knive.I start to love doing this ‘nigiri’ sushi till all the rice are all out.Hehehe..It was interesting and this is my first sushi home made.Looks ugly..Huhuhu..


February 6, 2007 Posted by | Babbling | 2 Comments