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Sports Logo

There is a sports carnival between KPJ hospital and I had been assign to design my hospital logo to represent the great(huh..) Lots of logo had been designed by me and the final artwork I shown here.Lots had been rejected by them..Get some ideas to make one??By the way,I’m still not received the promised shirt as my small gift.huh..nearly a month waiting..

Seremban Specialist Hospital

And I was thinking to design my own shirt same as this.What do u think??

Pink shirt

This is the printed COBRA flag.Looks good huh?! abang Mat hold the flag

KPJ Cobra

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Frustrating Night

Stupid ideas comes in night frustrating…

Night Frustrating

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I had been assign to draw a compactor label for my office,yet it is not as hard as you think,but the hardest thing is to accomplished the assignment. Work with no due date, done in any time that you want but the stupid things is, there is an ISO for next week. To make my office clear for ISO I need to finish em up by this week. Those things had been done but the worst thing is coming from my attitude.I forgot to bring my assignment-save-in my pendrive. Here I show one of the label need to be print and cut out. Look ugly huh?!!Who cares..

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Two days of overspending money,I can’t believe that I done all these things. Yesterday(Mon,21st Aug) I went to Terminal 1 again to collect my Dvd after received call from Mars shop. Before this I had decide to collect the Dvd on early September but I am too eager to watch those drama,so I ask Ayu if she is free on that afternoon.She’s agree with me cos she also had something else to do in that ‘damn’ Terminal 1. Paying RM50 for that drama and having a lunch in KFC. Gosh, I really thanked to god that she is not decide to eat in Mc D cos if I’m in, there is more troublesome with my money.Paying nearly RM20 for 2 set of meals, eating fast,begone like a wind.hehs..After visiting that stupid building, we move our footstep more further at Tesco in Seremban 2 buying her cooking stuff.She then buying me an orange chiffon cake.Thanks again to her cos I’m eating the cake while watching my Dvd’s.

Today(Wed,22th Aug) me and Apek going to Jusco S2.It was a coincidence when I saw him online his Y! and changing his status. I fetch him then we having the unbelievable meal in Sushi King. Me eating the “Piri Piri Chicken” and Apek having his “Beef Yakiniku“.I thought it just a simple meal but it is not.My stomach starts to full after starts a having quarter of “Egg custard”.I can’t believe Apek still can finish up my “Miso” soup.Gile..Paying nearly RM55 for all that meal.Gosh,that was a big spending for me. We then move to the second level to find a shirt.Me then paying at RM 30 for a stupid decision.I’m not planning to buy those things but Apek..Cis,terbeli plak

Tomorrow is my final day to spend my money.I just ask my brother to send my bike to a workshop. It will cost me around RM100-150 to repair.Gosh, I were thinking where I can get money to go for a work.My paycheck in another week..Need to find some “Along” to pay for the fuel..Then I will overspending again next month..Fenin aku

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