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Sports Logo

There is a sports carnival between KPJ hospital and I had been assign to design my hospital logo to represent the great(huh..) Lots of logo had been designed by me and the final artwork I shown here.Lots had been rejected by them..Get some ideas to make one??By the way,I’m still not received the promised shirt as my small gift.huh..nearly a month waiting..

Seremban Specialist Hospital

And I was thinking to design my own shirt same as this.What do u think??

Pink shirt

This is the printed COBRA flag.Looks good huh?! abang Mat hold the flag

KPJ Cobra


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Frustrating Night

Stupid ideas comes in night frustrating…

Night Frustrating

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I had been assign to draw a compactor label for my office,yet it is not as hard as you think,but the hardest thing is to accomplished the assignment. Work with no due date, done in any time that you want but the stupid things is, there is an ISO for next week. To make my office clear for ISO I need to finish em up by this week. Those things had been done but the worst thing is coming from my attitude.I forgot to bring my assignment-save-in my pendrive. Here I show one of the label need to be print and cut out. Look ugly huh?!!Who cares..

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