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Ooopps I did it again..

Last month I had shops-a-lot.This month I made it again.It was after the ‘Merdeka’ celebration,on 2nd September after my last day night shift.I can’t slept well on dat morning so then I decide to go to Jusco after my 2 friends offer to treat me a sushi..huhuh..

It’s noon at 1 pm after I get just a-30minutes sleep.I think its not a sleep,its a nap.Lantakla..Fetch these 2 dwarf(hahaha) and straigt away to jusco to had their sushi-treat.My stomach really want to blow off cos both of them asking me to eat that and that and that..They just take the plates without thinking..Gosh,they only eat just 3-4 pieces of sushi but me finishing all 6 plates..damn it..I never had like that before with my friends and I am never pay like RM60 for that sushi..huh..Btw thanks to them to treat me.

Right after they want to had the karaoke-box in that bowling arena.I just left them there and go find my stuff.When I was at home I had planned to buy a shirt,but then I can afford to buy those ‘John Master’ brand.I just think its not worthy if I’m paying a damn high to buy a shirt where I can’t wear it every time..Later then I left my plan and thinkin on buying a shirt for the next Raya occasion.It still on high price when I was wandering everywhere to buy any shirt for me.Then I left Jusco and started to walked on the shoplot nearby.Few steps and I just saw that damn ‘Nicole’ brand put on like a bundle stuff.My first sight is a women stuff and I about to left that sales corner but then it was my luck after pulling 1 shirt to have a look.It was a gents shirt!!I thought it was for women(most of sales corner like that appear to attract women only to buy).After realize that is lots of gents shirt I’m start to digging the stuff from the racks.Finally found on 4 long sleeve t-shirts and a pair of slacks for my work apparels.

Me then going downstairs to grab my toiletries for a September used and I left that damn-leeching-money shopping mall on 6pm..Gosh I was spend more than RM100 that unplanning-shopping-day.Can’t used my money next time..DAMN!!


September 5, 2007 - Posted by | Babbling

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