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WCG 07

The black ‘unstoppable’ shirt,headphones around neck,keyboard on their hands,lotsa free stuff,lots of costume,lots of computers,lots of gamers…That was a scenario where I was in WCG in Midvalley on 8th  September.Malaysia vs Vietnam and they playing Counter strike, warcraft3-broodwar and frozen throne, Fifa and nfs carbon.I was there about 5 hour and they are totally awesome!!I never saw Malaysian people playing like that.Almost all of the games playing in fast.That was sick man…

There was a promo for the games lineage2 and they giving the dvd setup for free.I only got a stuff given from Samsung,a keychain from sonic gear where I give it to my friend and alas,a dvd setup from lineage2 where i couldn’t play cos I still don’t have any of graphic card yet and also grab a shirt at RM25.There still a lot of free stuff but I don’t want my bag getting fat on that day and I don’t want a rubbish fill in.

I’m only watching counterstrike and broodwar playing on the front stage.Watching via big hell screen and both games wins by Malaysian.Every games that is finished,the MC will throw out some of free stuff provide from Samsung and a he is really good on entertain people when the game is paused.He know how to get attention on people there,he was funny also..huhuh

I also try playing some games with a wide lcd provides.I never realized played with a 32 inch tv.It was great.I also try the Wii,the xbox 360,also with a huge tv.That was totally sick fpr me but the saddest thing that I couldn’t find any of ps3 in that place.They should promo it to every one of them cos the crowd gather here totally a true gamerholic.

The next Sunday,I was late and when I reached,the prize giving ceremony had started.I didn’t jot anything cos I dun even know this guy and I’m not a truly gamers.wuhuhuh..I just want to see the potential of current gamers here,in Malaysia.Proud to be Malaysian!!


September 10, 2007 - Posted by | Babbling

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  1. hehe botakkk….poyo ah ko heheheh

    Comment by Jbond | September 13, 2007 | Reply

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