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Skyline R34 Z-Tune

I know bout this real late!!This R34 Z-Tune is the best model of R34.This car is made out from the the used model of R34.This is the spec I do know bout this car

BNR34 body
V Spec II Engine
2 Type – Z1 & Z2
2.8 Litre engine using RB26DETT
Engine Type – Water-cooling inline 6 cylinder DOHC
Twin Turbo by IHI Japan
Using ATESSA ET-S pro
Active LSD (3.545)
ETC Control Unit
ECM engine control
Up to 600hp
Power bhp (kW) at RPM – 500(368) / 6800
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM – 399(540) / 5200

– Damp Force 3 way adjusment type
– Ride-Height Adjustable
– SACHS Suspension in 782 lb/in springs

Mounting with S tires
Using RAYS Rim LM GT4 GT500 Model Black Color 18 x 9.5J

Cylinder Block
– GT Engine Block
– Forged Piston (Z-tune exclusive)
– GT Crank Shaft (Forged + Fillet Roll Machining, can rev up to 8000 rpm)
– GT Connecting Rod spec 2 ( I Shaped, SNCM Material, 4.8-inch long )
– Oil Pan Baffle Plate

– 2 piece front brake 14.3-inch rotor ( 0365 mm & Monoblock Caliper 6-piston system )
– 1 piece rear brake 13.9-inch rotor ( 0365 mm joint with Forged 4-piston Caliper)
– ABS tuned system
– Vented disc (front & rear)
– Developed by KIRYU

Weight – 1600kg
4wd car
The best GT500 car
And last, it only have 20 models worldwide!!
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